HIPAA Security Training Certification

Comprehensive HIPAA Security Training & Certification for Two Days (Level 2)

This two-day Comprehensive HIPAA Security classroom training program focuses on the implications of the HIPAA Security rule and on identifying critical compliance requirements for your business or client. You will learn how to create a framework for initiating and working toward a blueprint for HIPAA Security compliance and regular audits to avoid regulation violations.

Effective HIPAA Security Training goes beyond mere compliance requirements; it fosters a culture of accountability and awareness within healthcare organizations. Through interactive workshops, online modules, and regular updates, employees are empowered to recognize and respond to security threats effectively. Training programs often include simulated phishing exercises and real-world scenarios to reinforce learning and encourage proactive risk management. By investing in comprehensive training initiatives, healthcare entities demonstrate their commitment to maintaining the highest data security and confidentiality standards, ultimately enhancing patient care and organizational resilience in an increasingly digital healthcare landscape.

HIPAA Security Training: Learning Objectives

This training offers advanced competency in designing, implementing, and administering comprehensive security protection programs in all healthcare organizations.

  1. Understanding HIPAA Regulations: Participants should grasp the basics of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations, including its significance, scope, and key provisions.
  2. Identifying Protected Health Information (PHI): Learners should be able to recognize what constitutes PHI, understand its sensitivity, and know how to handle it securely.
  3. Security Safeguards: Participants should learn about the various security safeguards required by HIPAA, including administrative, physical, and technical safeguards, and understand how to implement them effectively.
  4. Risk Assessment and Management: Understanding how to conduct risk assessments, identify vulnerabilities, and implement risk management strategies to safeguard PHI and comply with HIPAA requirements.
  5. Security Policies and Procedures: Familiarity with developing, implementing, and enforcing security policies and procedures that align with HIPAA standards to protect PHI and maintain compliance.
  6. Incident Response: Knowing how to respond to security incidents and breaches effectively, including reporting requirements and mitigation strategies, as mandated by HIPAA.
  7. Security Awareness: Promoting awareness among employees about the importance of HIPAA compliance, security best practices, and their role in maintaining a secure environment for PHI.
  8. Training and Education: Understanding the importance of ongoing training and education to keep abreast of HIPAA updates, emerging threats, and evolving best practices in healthcare data security.

HIPAA Security Training: Target Audience

  • All key members of a health care provider compliance team
  • All Business Associates required to comply under HITECH
  • IT Professionals servicing the health care Industry
  • Chief Information Officers and security compliance officer of Covered Entities
  • Lawyers involved in health care
  • Computer security technical staff of any organization that retains personal healthcare information
  • Senior network engineers
  • Database administrators
  • The security staff of computer service providers to medical organizations
  • Consultants who provide security advice to health care organizations
  • IT vendors in the health care industry

HIPAA Training for Security: Pricing

Total cost: $1599

$1599 per student (value $1899).

The cost includes a training Kit:

HIPAA Compliance Training Manual (worth $300)

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